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Young'un [14 Feb 2009|12:37am]

Hello, all. I've read some of the other entries and I'm afraid I'm a little more unorthodox than most, but hopefully intelligence is not judged by its degree of orthodoxy. I'm also considerably younger than most (I don't post my real age on the internet, but I can drink in the UK and not the USA). I have actually been home-educated all my life until very recently when I joined a school to get the International Baccalaureate, which I'm just about to graduate from with a prediction of 40 points. Anyway, that's all very parochial and doesn't say much about me. My philosophical loves are Karl Popper, William Godwin and David Deutsch, and I'm a fairly big fan of Rand's too (although I'm far from an Objectivist). My introduction to philosophy was the same as with all other fields: autodidactic. Me and my friends began to read Popper and Deutsch a few years ago, and to discuss and study philosophy under our own steam, especially morality and epistemology. Some of the ideas most important to me are fallibilism, objective morality, optimism, and the concept that problem-solving and criticism are desirable and indispensible.
I'm also a violinist—I've studied for thirteen years so far and got my grade eight a couple of years ago—and I'm extremely interested in the nature of music as a metaphysical and/or moral concept, especially the extent to which its beauty and value is objective.
I'm also very interested in parenting, and I'm an adherent of Taking Children Seriously, a non-coercive childraising theory based on Popper's ideas. The relationship between coercion, morality, reason and problem-solving is absolutely fascinating to me.
I'm a big old nostalgic fan of the Enlightenment (in that nerdy, watching-lots-of-old-videotapes-about-it way), and I'm also learning about the pre-Socratics who so far have been eight kinds of cool, although I need to (and will) learn Ancient Greek before stufying Greek philosophy gets truly exciting.

I keep a blog on philosophy, politics and other ramblings here. It's mostly to put down my thoughts to get more criticism, or else for updates that don't belong on my journal.

I was offered a place at Oxford this year (Exeter college) but chose not to go, so I could take a gap year. Next year I will reapply to read either classics+philosophy or physics+philosophy.

So I guess I'm not a philosopher on paper but in practice. I love knowledge, and I especially love creating knowledge (solving problems). I enjoy whatever I do, and my primary interest is to figure out as much truth and create as much knowledge as I can.

Now, on to the pictures!Collapse )

Please be gentle, darlings!
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Philosophy Toon [23 Feb 2008|04:47pm]

[ mood | amused ]

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not too hot but just hot enough [14 Feb 2008|01:17pm]

hello, y'alls

I'm tamar. A recent graduate from UC Berekeley. majored in Gender and Women's Studies. So i've spent much of my time reading feminist and queer theory. Theorists such as Gayatri Spivak, Gloria Anzaldua, M. Jacqui Alexander, Chandra Mohanty, Judith Butler, Jack Halberstam, Chela Sandoval, etc., etc..

I am currently in the process of 1) beginning an internship for the Pacific Institute of Mental Health based in San Francisco writing a series of articles and then putting together a book that will be published by their press on Feminism and Ageism and especially the issue of language (considering the demographic they are most concerned with are people suffering from ddementia). So this will be a good opportunity for me to explore adventures within linguistic theory and maybe find some new avenues. and 2) I am also attempting to study for the GRE. I have discovered that being "smart" has almost nothing to do with it and in fact it may be detrimental to your score. Thinking about things, especially language, in an open and non-structured way has really been an issue for me here. But whatever. So, yes, my goals are to go to graduate school. Doctorate program preferrably. Something along the lines of comparative literature, transnational studies, critical theory or cultural studies, or a combination of all of these disciplines. i really like the interdisciplinary feilds. other than that....here are some picsCollapse )
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Arendt [12 Sep 2007|09:11pm]

I've just found out that I'm about to be teaching Hannah Arendt's "The Crisis in Education" next week, so I thought I'd remind you that she's the hottest filosofa evah.

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Late night visitation from miniature world-historical figures [24 Aug 2007|10:26am]


Oh, wait! Who's this? Someone was visited by KARL MARX the other night!

And Kant is with him! NO WAI!

Robespierre: We must create the sorts of individuals who can be citizens in a Republic!

Marx: But your revolution is limited in that it cannot acknowledge the material basis of society!

Kant: It's never permissible to commit regicide. And ... who the fuck are you people?

Che and Hegel ... hanging from the lamp? WHAT?!
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I has a LOT, LOL!!11!! [27 May 2007|01:28pm]

You can has LOT too lol!!11!! ^^.
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The Radiohead Philosophy Project [23 May 2007|01:30pm]

As a trifling reward for those of us who have recently rounded out the year, I bring you the RPP: The task is to identify people, positions, movements or arguments captured succinctly by Radiohead lyrics. Thanks to dialogic, awwh_snap, rachiestar, leokhyber and randomspectator. Although it would be too tedious to sort out the credit for each individually, the attributions are given here.

I'm on a roll, I'm on a rollCollapse )
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New library additions: [21 May 2007|10:10pm]

Plato's Republic just came in the mail for me today from LOEB. Plenty of Ancient Greek for me to read over winter break.

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My hotness consists of two parts: the pics presented here plus all that I have not posted. [17 May 2007|04:51am]

And it is precisely this second part that is the important one.

Hello, I'm Patrick. I'm interested primarily in the philosophies of science and math, as well as logic and the philosophy thereof. On charitable days I can also be persuaded to take interest in the history of science in Germany in the 19th century, which probably affords the most favorable ratio of fascinating things to scholarship about those fascinating things in any branch of intellectual history. To offer a better idea of my current interests, my most recent two papers concern intertheoretic reduction as it bears on folk psychology, and Mach's influence upon later crises in the foundations of mathematics.

I'm taking a second major in math, if that should augment my hotness.

recognize the other as an otherCollapse )
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Love me!!! Please...? [28 Apr 2007|09:17pm]

Hello my name is Enza.
I have a BA in philosophy... hopefully sometime in the future I'll have more nifty little acronyms to put after my name....
So what is my philosophical persuasion...? I really like ethics, philosophy of law and political philosophy, but I'm flexible... I can dig philosophy of language too.
My favorite philosophers (and semi-philosophers)? Frege, Marx, Rorty, Wittgenstein, Sartre, Camus, Berlin, Dworkin, Bentham, Foucault Cicero and Plato.

There aren't enough girls in philosophy, so by default (and lack of comparison), we are all kind of cute:

Photographic evidence behind the cut:

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Intro [24 Apr 2007|09:42pm]

[ mood | procrastinatory ]

Hi! I'm Rachel. I do metaphysics & epistemology and feminist philosophy. I'm graduating from my undergrad institution in about three weeks, and then I'm off to Syracuse for grad school. My current interests are feminist metaphysics (Hey, the SEP thinks it's a real thing), mainly social construction, but I've also done quite a bit of work on Aristotle in the last few months. Other interests include traditional metaphysics, philosophy of language and philosophy of mind. I'm currently working on two papers: one in which I "make room" for self-knowledge of property possession in Sally Haslanger's externalist accounts of social construction, and one responding to a paper by Terrence Irwin about Aristotelian metaethics.

My dirty little secret is that I'm also a lit major, so I have a bit of background in (post)structuralism (Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze, Lacan) and 20th century literary theory (de Man, critical theory, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, etc). But that Rach doesn't get a chance to come out and play much these days.

CamwhorishCollapse )

Anyway, that's me!

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heidegger being-on-my-chest [19 Apr 2007|05:21pm]

teeheeCollapse )
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R.I.P [08 Mar 2007|04:01am]

Jean Baudrillard
June 20, 1929 - March 6, 2007

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Oooooh Philosophy! [06 Mar 2007|10:49pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

So yes... I've decided I need more philosophy in my life. I've been reading the posts for a while and have decided to ask for advice on where to restart my philosophy readings.

I've read Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Aristotle, Plato and Moore (although i'm not sure if he counts) but its been a while. I'm looking for a good place to pick it up again, suggestions?

I have weird penchants for things like music, tattoos, roller derby, photography, weird ancient cultures, weird current cultures, and enlightened conversations with intelligent people. I am currently studying Anthropology at UCF, debating on what exactly I want to do with my life.

And now for some pics, not sure if i'm hot enough but hey!

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teehee [06 Mar 2007|05:33pm]

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sorely missed [04 Mar 2007|04:39am]

so i've missed doing philosophy full-time, and of course you guys too :). updates for the past two years include having submitted an m.phil thesis entitled "heidegger's critique of aristotle's concept of ousia in being and time," moving back to nyc to pursue a non-philosophy related career in the education industry (i write 'industry' because i work for a for-profit education company), and most recently undertaking beginner's french at alliance francaise (thanks CF2003 for the rec!) and submitting a chapter of my thesis for various heidegger conferences in north america. so far i've heard only nays, and i'm still waiting for the north dallas 25th annual heidegger symposium - organized by the Dallas Area Seminar on European Inquiry (DASEIN), har har - to reject my proposed paper. but should it be the unlikely case that i will be invited to present, then you hotties shall be the first to know and are more than welcome to join me in the heidegger hysteria.

no new pics, but i'm posting some nostalgic ones for good measure:
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application for admission [02 Mar 2007|02:39pm]

I've never done this before so be gentle. By the title of this community alone I am lead to believe that elitism, narcissism and vanity are accepted and even encouraged qualities for members of this community to exhibit. With that justification, I can safely say that if Cleverness and Studlyness are reducible to genetic causes, my children will necessarily inherit both traits from me as my genotype carries only these dominant alleles. I have studied philosophy on 2 continents, am fluent in German and can read Ancient Greek. Despite the many hours at a desk these activities have demanded, I've managed to keep myself physically fit and able.
Look (books now included)Collapse )
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artsy photos of philosophers [31 Jan 2007|11:36pm]

via the leiter report, here are some artsy black and white photos of a bunch of philosophers. my favorites are david lewis, hartry field and rae langton. In order to see the individual pictures, click on the "philosophers I" and "philosophers II" links at the bottom of the page (spelling errors have now been eliminated).
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Adorno Sunbathing [19 Jan 2007|09:45pm]

Hay everyone.

ironed_orchid wanted me to post this here, cuz it gave her a bnoer.

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[29 May 2006|09:02pm]

Good eventide! I feel I should join this community because I am smarter and hotter than most LJers.

3 items for proof of smart:
*4-year recipient of Presidential Scholarship, which equated to nearly full undergrad tuition for my smartness.
*Graduated summa cum laude
*Currently in grad school studying metaphysics->monism->materialism as related to the internet (ie, internet is not real)

3 items for proof of hot: oh internetsCollapse )
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