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Hello, all. I've read some of the other entries and I'm afraid I'm a little more unorthodox than most, but hopefully intelligence is not judged by its degree of orthodoxy. I'm also considerably younger than most (I don't post my real age on the internet, but I can drink in the UK and not the USA). I have actually been home-educated all my life until very recently when I joined a school to get the International Baccalaureate, which I'm just about to graduate from with a prediction of 40 points. Anyway, that's all very parochial and doesn't say much about me. My philosophical loves are Karl Popper, William Godwin and David Deutsch, and I'm a fairly big fan of Rand's too (although I'm far from an Objectivist). My introduction to philosophy was the same as with all other fields: autodidactic. Me and my friends began to read Popper and Deutsch a few years ago, and to discuss and study philosophy under our own steam, especially morality and epistemology. Some of the ideas most important to me are fallibilism, objective morality, optimism, and the concept that problem-solving and criticism are desirable and indispensible.
I'm also a violinist—I've studied for thirteen years so far and got my grade eight a couple of years ago—and I'm extremely interested in the nature of music as a metaphysical and/or moral concept, especially the extent to which its beauty and value is objective.
I'm also very interested in parenting, and I'm an adherent of Taking Children Seriously, a non-coercive childraising theory based on Popper's ideas. The relationship between coercion, morality, reason and problem-solving is absolutely fascinating to me.
I'm a big old nostalgic fan of the Enlightenment (in that nerdy, watching-lots-of-old-videotapes-about-it way), and I'm also learning about the pre-Socratics who so far have been eight kinds of cool, although I need to (and will) learn Ancient Greek before stufying Greek philosophy gets truly exciting.

I keep a blog on philosophy, politics and other ramblings here. It's mostly to put down my thoughts to get more criticism, or else for updates that don't belong on my journal.

I was offered a place at Oxford this year (Exeter college) but chose not to go, so I could take a gap year. Next year I will reapply to read either classics+philosophy or physics+philosophy.

So I guess I'm not a philosopher on paper but in practice. I love knowledge, and I especially love creating knowledge (solving problems). I enjoy whatever I do, and my primary interest is to figure out as much truth and create as much knowledge as I can.

Book-less Rihatsu, playing the coquette

popper-chanvoila popper
Rihatsu in defence of science and rationality!

shy with randwoohoo, rand!
Rihatsu alternatively being shy and being outgoing with a little book of Rand.

rihatsu the baptist
An overt tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci. Pfft. This book is seriously worth reading, by the way, if you haven't. Completely brilliant; probably one of my favourite books. :)

Please be gentle, darlings!
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