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hello, y'alls

I'm tamar. A recent graduate from UC Berekeley. majored in Gender and Women's Studies. So i've spent much of my time reading feminist and queer theory. Theorists such as Gayatri Spivak, Gloria Anzaldua, M. Jacqui Alexander, Chandra Mohanty, Judith Butler, Jack Halberstam, Chela Sandoval, etc., etc..

I am currently in the process of 1) beginning an internship for the Pacific Institute of Mental Health based in San Francisco writing a series of articles and then putting together a book that will be published by their press on Feminism and Ageism and especially the issue of language (considering the demographic they are most concerned with are people suffering from ddementia). So this will be a good opportunity for me to explore adventures within linguistic theory and maybe find some new avenues. and 2) I am also attempting to study for the GRE. I have discovered that being "smart" has almost nothing to do with it and in fact it may be detrimental to your score. Thinking about things, especially language, in an open and non-structured way has really been an issue for me here. But whatever. So, yes, my goals are to go to graduate school. Doctorate program preferrably. Something along the lines of comparative literature, transnational studies, critical theory or cultural studies, or a combination of all of these disciplines. i really like the interdisciplinary feilds. other than that....Photobucket
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Hello, Tamar. It's a yes, of course. I'm not a big fan of tattoos, piercing and short hair, but the first pic is nice.

Question: Why do many feminists think they have to look less feminine than other women? Sounds like a contradiction to me. I am sure that women can be very feminine and still not convey the idea that they're ready to be sexual objects (clothes and attitude have more to do with this than haircut).
PS: Oh, and melancholy is hot. :)
well, first of all, i think you have misunderstood gender and the way it is read. Gender is not the length of one's hair or how many tattoos one has. although my hair is short most people perceive me as very feminine because of aspects of my behavior. gender is a performative act through which signs are read and attributed to one gender or another.

also, i happen to find women with short hair very attractive. although i am not sexually attracted to feminine women and prefer masculine females (androgyny and masculine femininity really turn me on), i think, aesthetically, women (femmes) with short hair are beautiful.

yes. melancholy is very hot.

Photobucket...not a very good picture of it, but this is what's on my stomach...(by the way, it reads melancholia)

Deleted comment

how is that funny? maybhe you should try reading a book sometime. it might make it less funny for you if you understood what i was talking about. and in order for you to understand what i am talking about you need to be aware of theoretical "innovations" that came after socrates.

Yes, of course (although I've only heard of like two of the authors you mention).

Incidentally, my girlfriend mentioned similar things about the GRE when she took it and she is also a lit/feminisms type.