and in flew enza (malenky) wrote in 2hot4philosophy,
and in flew enza

Love me!!! Please...?

Hello my name is Enza.
I have a BA in philosophy... hopefully sometime in the future I'll have more nifty little acronyms to put after my name....
So what is my philosophical persuasion...? I really like ethics, philosophy of law and political philosophy, but I'm flexible... I can dig philosophy of language too.
My favorite philosophers (and semi-philosophers)? Frege, Marx, Rorty, Wittgenstein, Sartre, Camus, Berlin, Dworkin, Bentham, Foucault Cicero and Plato.

There aren't enough girls in philosophy, so by default (and lack of comparison), we are all kind of cute:

Photographic evidence behind the cut:

On my friends floor:
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Some of my friends:
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Ok, so I don't really want to upload a third picture, because I'm kind of lazy after utilizing my mad paintshop skills for that 2nd picture... I do, however, have a myspace with a few more pictures:
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